Traditional project delivery is painful.

PIMS project delivery is pain free.

Widely available project tools offer isolated relief of project delivery challenges and ultimately create information silos with little integration or information sharing. Project teams end up using multiple tools to support the project which only compounds the problem.

The pain points:

  • Client, A/E, CM, CQV each utilizing a different project software
  • Needlessly difficult and inefficient information and data sharing
  • Sharing outdated information
  • Information input into and stored in multiple locations
  • The obstacle and expense of individual licenses or “seats”
  • The inherently inefficient transition phase
  • No standard input and interpretation
  • Inefficient data and information collection and retrieval
  • Duplicate effort and associated costs
  • Repeated “ground zero” startup and the associated costs
  • Lack of data and information ownership

The PIMS Project Delivery Solution is a single tool that alleviates all the common project delivery challenges. It is the optimal tool for every member of the project team.

Pain free.

  • A unifying workspace
  • Efficient, real-time data and information sharing
  • All team members input information to a single, shared platform
  • Unlimited users under a single, monthly fee
  • A seamless transition phase
  • Standard input and interpretation
  • Seamless data input, retrieval and dissemination
  • No duplication of time, effort or expense
  • Leveraging project knowledge delivers schedule and economic efficiency

You own and control the information and data, from concept through project completion and beyond.

The PIMS Project Delivery Solution starts with the end in mind. PIMS intentionally captures engineering and construction data in a manner that benefits project delivery, facility operations and safety. Diagnose project health in real time, via Key Project Indicators. By aggregating information, PIMS benefits future projects.