No constraints.

The PIMS Project Delivery Solution cannot be confined to one industry, one project, or even one discipline.


Create, manage and deliver multiple projects

Maintain engineered system information in a single repository ensuring access to the most current and relevant information

Produce and manage project decisions, change notifications, punchlists, documentation, action items, RFIs, and other critical information and data

Monitor and track project items and progress using customized widgets and reporting

Engineering Data Management

Collect and manage engineered system data.

  • Identify Systems, associate related documents and drawings, and classify by functional area, construction, and equipment type.

  • Manage critical project instrumentation and equipment information – including custom data – associate it to Systems, and reference relevant drawings and Specifications.

  • Define Specifications and relate to components by make and model number.

  • Construct any required project template or deliverable form like datasheets, receipt and installation verification forms, or calibration forms and generate and track as they are executed.

  • Compile Vendor Documentation for each System and Component to develop electronic Turnover Packages (eTOP).

Project Management

Identify, manage and track all project work items.

  • Track change using Project Change Notifications to identify each change’s design, cost, and schedule impact and identify where contingency dollars are being spent.

  • Identify Punchlists and track responsibility and completion by vendor or subcontractor.

  • Log Action Items and assign responsible users and due dates to ensure satisfactory resolution.

  • Develop Requests for Information (RFIs) and record for proper collaboration and communication between project team members with discussion thread functionality.

  • Use Project Decisions to record project issues and assist in the development of project scope and assess potential change during an active project.

  • Manage and control Cost by tracking budgets, purchase orders, and invoicing; quantify and track project change as related to budgets.

  • Use Field P&ID Changes to track updates to the P&IDs and ensure all red lines are accounted for.

  • Monitor Safety on the project with Safety Observations and Project Safety Audits.

Document Management

Create and Maintain Project Documentation Library

  • Collaborate in a work environment where project documents can be reviewed simultaneously by team members.

  • Receive, distribute, review and approve all project documentation electronically.

  • Access the most current project documents real-time.

  • View documents by System, Document Type, virtual Location, or Owner; search documents by keywords or content.

  • Create electronic turnover packages (eTOP) for engineered systems.

  • Structure turnover to the site at project completion.

PIMS Reporting

Powerful project tracking via both customized and standardized on-demand and scheduled reporting.

  • Develop customized Reports with user-specific filters and sorting.

  • Schedule reports for delivery to a custom list of recipients.

  • Generate reports in real-time to snapshot points in time.

Technical Support

Help, when you need it.

  • Leverage online help to learn how to do things in PIMS.

  • Document software and implementation issues and their resolution.

  • Talk to helpful support people who can quickly and easily address issues.